C cu-rhana dylan *14. 2. 2007

dylan at the age of 4 years.

* 14. 2. 2007 (hermes vom seelord x-quisite banshide of lough ree)


(german coursing winner 2011) dylan has a sporty family. father (died at the age of 11 years and 3 month), mother (8) and sister have coursing licence. dylan became 5th from 12 dogs in chardonnay 2010 at the coursing EM. at a size from 87cm he weights sporty 59kg. from the 11 coursings where he was entered he won 3. running is his life and he don’t do it only at coursings he runs at long walks. if there is a possibility to swim he will do it. even if the temperatures are low he likes swimming. sometimes his owner enters dylan at a show and he earns good reports. judges commend his “very beautifull dog head”, “very fine paws” and “easy movement”. cu-rhana dylan sired his first litter in germany, => kennel irish wild women, 5/2 born in december 2011. he sired his second litter in germany, => kennel of mag mor, 4/4 born in march 2012. dylan lives at => daniela brüstle, feel free to ask her further questions. dylan, both times under red, at the coursing EM in oirschot/NL 2011.

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