dooLittle of cnoc greina – “doo”, *31. 10. 2007

greirish upshot uther x hella vom elsengrund


WDK club show oktober 2011 © czechvalley, klick for full size

“doo” lives with his pack in lower austria. he has a job as therapie dog and loves to move. as puppy with 11 weeks he had an accident when he played and crashed against the edge of a pavement. after that it needs some time to find a competent vet. (some vistited vets failed …) so he has a visible buckling over the loin since that time. it doesn’t harm him, it doesn’t handicap him it is just unlovely and brings him disadvantage in show ring. that’s one of the reasons why he isn’t in the show ring very often. when his owner showes him he is always friendly and tail-wagging all the time. hard to get a picture from doo where his tail is static.

doo passed his bonitation in austria. for further information visit this => homepage (german language only) or ask his owner eva klein via => eMail.

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