drake caen morhen *1. 1. 2009

drake @ tullamore cup 2011, © edita beresova

* 1. 1. 2009 (ballyphelan davey jones x follow jatana makarikari)


drake had bad luck as puppy. he had an accident, no one could watch what really happened. breeder romana believed in him and his power and tried everything to help him. for a while it looked like he could recover completely. but his breeder didn’t want to give him away until iva came.

iva and her family loved him and gave him a perfect home. sadly he grow very quickly and his injury made troubles again but his owners don’t care about that he can’t move like other wolfhounds. it is impossible to show him at regular shows, it is impossible to allow him to do coursings even if drake would like to do so. anyway – it is possible to give drake a normal life as beloved member of the family. he is slim and well trained and has a lot of friends to play with.

luckily czech club allows bonitation without results from regulary shows, so drake has his breeding licence and clear heart check (december 2011).

@ tullamore cup 2011 pernille monberg judged him this way:

big framed male, nice head, straight front, good topline, long croup, sufficiently angulated rear, injury prevents him showing correct movement.

who want’s to get further information writes to his owner iva šolcová

One thought on “drake caen morhen *1. 1. 2009

  1. Iva Solcova

    Drake is a lovely boy. He has a small handicap in his movement (he limps on his right hind leg and goes “by pacer”), however he does not mind at all. He likes to run and tag with his peers and with growing puppies. I.S.


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